I believe that being present and living in the moment is the solution to connect with our true essence, to understand our emotions, suffers and transform them into our strength and make our precious life as livable and happy as possible.

… Dance is a unique and fantastic medium for that! Dance allows the union between mind, body and soul.

You are beautiful, you are valuable, you deserve to feel good!

DMT- ER ® Expressive-Relational Dance Movement Therapy 

What does Expressive-Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER®) mean?

It is a psychotherapeutic method to promote the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of an individual.
It is a form of art therapy that uses music and movement as a cure and therapeutic means.
Dance therapy is creation, movement, life. It is love, pleasure, expression, art, beauty. It is giving and sharing.

Who is Expressive-Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER®) for?

For everybody…

• Children and Adults with special needs, Seniors, People with disabilities   
• Pregnant women
• People with neurotic and psychosomatic disorders in group or individual therapy
• Individuals on a spiritual path

Why practice Expressive-Relational Dance Movement Therapy (DMT-ER®)?

It favors taking care of the psycho-physical well-being and revitalizing the fundamentals of the movement.
The body and movements are the means to allow the development of the personality.
It privileges expression, the expansion of the person. Music and movement enable creative play, that helps to discover new forms of expression, to release tension, to rediscover lost energy.

DMT-ER ® classes in


• Individual Sessions

• Group Sessions

• Workshops 



ONLINE – 90 min

Dates to be fixed together – availability on request


ONLINE – max 4 pax, 90 min

Dates to be fixed together – availability on request


ONLINE – 4 x 90 min

Dates to be fixed together – availability on request